Kevin from Wolverhampton

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There are many products that I have reviewed in the past that are innovative and

time saving. I have discovered that the best time saving and value for money

products for the home are always the simplest. The Cookie Catcher is a biscuit

dunker’s delight for all people who love a treat with their tea or coffee. This

wonderful little invention catches all the biscuit crumbs that usually end up at the

bottom of your cup so you can enjoy your favourite hot beverage all the way to the

last drop. The Cookie Catcher I must admit literally takes the biscuit (sorry) when

you are faced with that all important biscuit dunking exercise. Will you just have

the usual two biscuits or maybe six of your favourite crumbly cookies whilst

stretched out in front of a great movie with a steaming cup of tea or coffee in hand.

Dunking is an irresistible urge when having one of these most enjoyable of treats.

So the Cookie Catcher is ideal for all you dunking afficionados everywhere. The

Cookie catcher is made from a high quality washable synthetic mesh and can be

used over and over again and is trimmed with pure white 100% cotton. Simply pop

it into your cup or mug to catch all those biscuit pieces that usually end up at the

bottom. Even if your biscuit breaks in half and falls to the bottom ( a major disaster

for dunking devotees ) you will no longer run the risk of scalded fingers from

retrieving the now soggy biscuit which usually falls to bits in the process anyway.

The Cookie Catcher, a dunker’s delight The Cookie Catcher can also be used to

retrieve your used teabag with ease instead of fishing around for it with a

teaspoon. The Cookie Catcher will be available soon in all major retail outlets

worldwide and I am sure it will be an amusing and useful item at teatimes